Here’s where you can find past “photos of the week” and other material.

Past photos of the week

Wall art in Fish Hoek (south of Cape Town) musing on the challenges of rolling electricity outages — February, 2023
Recording highway history: Eliza on a road trip in October 2022 (Photo credit: Catherine Moore-Broatman)
MORE ICE — Toronto Harbour on February 13, 2022
Sao Paolo stopover, 2007 — from the archives, new feature on Instagram
Art on the wall, finally, at Artscape Youngplace — Seasons Gone and Views Gone, two constructed artworks from 2020 and 2021
Folded Domesticity, 2021 – 3D paper objects created by cutting and folding photographic prints of my house. These were shown at the Toronto Island Art Crawl in June 2021.

Ice II has a different personality when laid on its side. Orientation matters!

West Lake (near Picton) stands in for Lake Michigan on my road trip in September 2020
Work in progress — collage and overpainting on the theme of “Essential Ingredient (re-housing after disaster)”
Winter storm 2021
Save the Dominion Foundry, Corktown, Toronto, 2021
Detail from “Waiting for Pink Umbrella”, shown in City of Dreams exhibition at Gallery 1313, January 2021
Snowy beach, 2021 — one of my seasonal cards
Winter arrives early this year — November 2020
Fifth Avenue window, December 2016
Ongiara in Mist, Toronto harbour, Canada, February 2016

From the mini gallery on Wards Island

Remembering, December 2014

Cape Town in February, 2019

For the last month, I’ve been staying in an enormous painter’s studio in Woodstock, near the centre of Cape Town, South Africa. It’s been great to escape the Toronto winter, and the mountain view is very inspiring.

Table Mountain from Albert Road, 2019