Great Lakes

Great Lakes Challenge 2016 – 2021

Living downtown in a big city like Toronto has it’s good side and it’s not-so-good side. There are lots of  people, lots of interesting stuff going on — theatre, music, art, sports, dining out, and so on. There’s also lots of traffic! Urban congestion, on the roads and on transit, is one of the things that I study through photography.
That very congestion that so fascinates me from an urban planning perspective also frustrates me when it comes to riding my motorcycle. It takes so long to get out of the city that mostly I don’t ride. Which raises the whole question of why do I have the bike in the first place!
Plus, I like to ride, I just don’t like to spend hours in traffic jams getting out of the city. I created this challenge to get me out of town on my bike, exploring parts of Canada and the US that I haven’t seen before, and revisiting some parts where I’ve already been.
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Coming in 2019 — Lake Michigan!

Lake Michigan — think Chicago, Racine Wisconsin, and so on.

Lake Huron #1 – 2016

Lake Huron forms part of the border between the US and Canada, and it’s the middle great lake of the chain of five.

I set off from Toronto on Sunday, September 22 and headed for Tobermory, a favourite spot of mine at the northern end of the Bruce Peninsula.

Georgian Bay #2 – 2017

Lack of prior planning ruled out Lake Superior for this year, so I decided to ride around Georgian Bay, which is a very large bay on the eastern side of Lake Huron.

Lake Superior #3 – 2018