• Another exhibition coming up?

    Remote Gallery

    Group show — Eliza Moore, Atia Pokorny, Janne Reuss

    Richmond Street, Toronto, Canada
    Two weeks in September? or not?

    Moore, Pokorny and Reuss are all members of Gallery 44 and met a few years ago while working together on the Spectra exhibitions in the Contact Photography Festival. They are collaborating on an exhibition of new works. Their working theme is self portraiture.

  • Elementor #287


    Gallery 44 members form an ad hoc group called Spectra every year to exhibit in the Contact Photography Festival. Normally the festival happens in May.

    This year is not normal due to the coronavirus and Covid19 pandemic. Spectra exhibitions have been postponed until November.

    Here’s a link to the Spectra website:

  • Watch this space!

    The Corona virus is wreaking havoc with many things, including this upcoming exhibition. Stay tuned for the latest on what will happen.

  • Website is languishing …
    I struggle with website editing, that’s my only excuse. But, I have been busy! New work based on new themes and upcoming exhibitions, plus some new pieces for ongoing projects, all very exciting, all needing to be communicated on this website! So stay tuned for new stuff.
  • The blog starts now
    We’ve been having some trouble with the website, and people haven’t been able to see it. Oh no! Bad time of year for that to be happening, but fortunately today it’s back! (Thanks to my web advisor, Sabelo.) So if you’re seeing this, all is well.