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Travel Via Rail — small book published December 2020

In May 2019 I had the wonderful opportunity to travel across Canada by train with my friend Alison, who had won tickets in a VIA Rail contest. Lots of photographs were taken, social media posts were written, and I remember the trip as a truly magical experience.

It was not without photographic challenges – sometimes very hard to take clear images from a moving train. Capturing the flashing red lights at level crossings became an ongoing project, as it’s hard to focus on something so fleeting. One of my successes appears on the cover of the book. Plastering my cell phone against the window in the early morning light became a ritual, and I found some interesting surprizes in the resulting images.

Now, I’ve taken some of the best from the trip and produced a small photo book called “Travel Via Rail”. Excerpts from the book will appear here in May 2021 to commemorate the trip.

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