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Photo of the week — Recording highway history

Eliza on a road trip in October 2022 (Photo credit: Catherine Moore-Broatman)

Toronto Island art crawl was a big success

Toronto Island Art Crawl

September 24 and 25, 2022

Despite a rainy day on Sunday, the Toronto Island art crawl was a success — lots of visitors to participating artists in their yards.
Here’s hoping it becomes an annual event!

Work in progress
Advertising leads to consumption leads to garbage

Broken Glass No.1, 2022 — a seagull appears to stand on the beach amidst dangerous broken glass from a firepit

Garbage has always both fascinated and appalled me. Why do we throw so many things away? Where will we put it all? I examine these questions in more detail in future blog posts, and in some constructed artworks to be shown at next year’s Contact Photography Festival.

Seagull, Wards Beach, 2022
Broken glass extracted from fire pit, Wards Beach, 2022

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The Great Lakes

Lake Superior, 2018

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Always (sometimes?) something new in the blog

Mini gallery hosted “Folded Domesticity” composed of cut and folded prints of the exterior and interior of my house, special for the first Toronto Island art crawl, in June 2021.

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