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Photographic art by Eliza Moore

Photo of the week — new Instagram feature for 2022!
(From the archives…)

FROM THE ARCHIVES — July 2007 stop over in Sao Paolo, Brazil — art deco architecture thrived everywhere

A successful 2021?
Exhibitions, sales and continued new work

Boulevard Closed (2021) was exhibited at Gallery 1313’s year-end sale called The End. It sold!
My wind turbines constructed images appeared as part of “Visible and Invisible Cities” at Gallery 1313 in September
The latest from my Urban Transformation series were part of the Spectra 2021 exhibition from Gallery 44 members,
at Artscape Youngplace in October

Work in progress
So what’s next?

News of the Day series

I’m horrified by too much density and not enough sensitive design in the changing urban landscape. But how to get the message across: What will make people listen? What will change things for the better? Giving my constructed overlays a voice through their titles may help with this process.

This series will appear at Gallery 44’s Production Gallery for the Low Res exhibition early in 2022

An early experiment with overlaying two images to make a point — July 2021

The Great Lakes

Lake Superior, 2018

View My Great Lakes Challenge

Always something new in the blog

Mini gallery hosted “Folded Domesticity” composed of cut and folded prints of the exterior and interior of my house, special for the first Toronto Island art crawl, in June 2021.

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